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  • Group logo of Beagles

    Adorable and investigative, Beagles appreciate the outdoors as much as any dog does. Though they may not run with the other dogs much, they do like being free with them in the park.

  • Group logo of Vizslas

    At the end of World War I, the Vizsla was all but extinct. The Vizsla is also called a Hungarian Pointer. They are high energy dogs who have a blast running in the park and have characteristics of both the […]

  • Group logo of Pointers

    Pointers seem to acquire the hunting instinct at around 2 months of age. Pointers were originally used in conjunction with Greyhounds in the 17th century, and in fact, the Pointer’s lineage unquestionably […]

  • Group logo of Irish Setter

    One of the most distinctive Sporting breeds, the mahogany red Irish Setter is an active, aristocratic bird dog.

  • Group logo of Greyhounds

    Very fast dogs, even when not in a race. They enjoy the retired life just hanging outside with other dogs of all breeds. The Greyhound is the fastest breed of dog. As a sight hound, the breed pursues game using […]

  • Group logo of Great Pyrenees

    Mountain dogs who like to explore, but keep running to a minimum.

  • Group logo of Giant Schnauzers

    Large breed that gets along well with other dogs. Very rambunctious and excitable.

  • Group logo of Eurasiers

    Friendly, fun and athletic.

  • Group logo of German Shepherds

    Enjoy running with other dogs. Will also play a variety of ball games.

  • Group logo of Collie Rough

    Majestic dogs who adapt well to their environment.

  • Group logo of Cocker Spaniels

    Loyal dogs that have a good time hanging with other dogs.

  • Group logo of Border Collie

    Sweet dogs. Always welcome a back scratch. ”Collie” is a Scottish dialect word used to describe sheepdogs, including Border Collies. In the19th century, Queen Victoria became an active enthusiast of the Border […]

  • Group logo of Bearded Collies

    Bearded Collies are fast dogs who enjoy playing fetch and other interactive games.

  • Group logo of Airedale Terrier

    Friendly and energetic water dogs.

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