Have you ever needed to know whether or not the park was open? Some days, it may be raining, but the park remains open. Other times, the rain has stopped, but the ground has become saturated and muddy, or the grass has become slick. In this case, the park will be temporarily closed, giving the ground a chance to dry out. We’ve been updating this information on our website ever since we opened. But wouldn’t it be great if you had this information right on your smart phone?

Go to Google Play to download Adventure Unleashed! This app lives on your Android’s home screen as a widget. It will help you keep an eye on Treecourt, right from your phone! You will know the current weather, temperature, and ground conditions at the park.

Search for the app on Google Play using search the term, “treecourt unleashed”. Once you’ve installed it, you can simply add the widget to your home screen. Let’s see how simple it is to add a widget to the home screen. In case you haven’t added a widget before, the method for this varies slightly between versions of Android.

  • Find an open spot on the screen, free from other app icons
  • Hold your thumb there on the screen for a few seconds, to prompt Android to display a small menu
  • Choose to “Widgets” or “Add a Widget”
  • Scroll through the available widgets on your phone to find “Adventure Unleashed” (you may find some useful-looking widgets along the way you didn’t know you have!)
  • Long-press your thumb on the widget-selection and drag it into place on your home screen

That’s it! In addition to seeing what it’s like right now at the park, if the park does close in the middle of the day, you will get a helpful notification alerting you that the park is closed. Then, when things clear up, you will get another alert that the gate is open again.

We hope this simple tool adds an element of convenience to your park experience!