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  • Group logo of Weimaraners

    The Gray Ghost

  • Group logo of Siberian Husky

    These dogs have great spirit and will run like the wind. Siberian Huskies served valiantly in the Army’s Arctic Search & Rescue Unit of the Air Transport Command during WWII and in the Byrd Antarctic Expeditions.

  • Group logo of Corgi

    Corgis are short legged with big hearts.

  • Group logo of Dalmatian

    Dalmatians are strong minded dogs eager to meet and greet other dogs of all sizes.

  • Group logo of English Springer Spaniel

    Well behaved and focused dogs. Will play fetch with a tennis ball and also like to engage other dogs.

  • Group logo of Shiba Inus

    Fox like breed that enjoys the outdoors. Fun to watch interact with other dogs.

  • Group logo of Labrador Retrievers

    All around great dogs. The Labrador Retriever is one of the prime breeds selected as guide and rescue dogs. The Labrador Retriever did not come from Labrador, but from Newfoundland.

  • Group logo of Bluetick Coonhound

    An intelligent, cold-nosed hunter that trees hard and long, the Bluetick has the ability to stay on the most intricate track. Very athletic, they love to run with other dogs.

  • Group logo of Miniature Australian Shepherds

    Fun dogs who love other dogs.

  • Group logo of Australian Shepherds

    Fun and playful dogs. Enjoy running free with other dogs.

  • Group logo of German Short Haired Pointers

    Athletic and playful dogs.

  • Group logo of Rottweilers

    Traditionally a hard working breed. The dogs in this group are playful and enjoy time with other dogs of all sizes.

  • Group logo of Saluki

    This breed is very playful.

  • Group logo of Doberman Pinscher

    Athletic and loyal dogs. They have a lot of energy and need to run.

  • Group logo of Golden Retrievers

    Beautiful dogs who enjoy off-leash play.

  • Group logo of Shar Pei

    The Chinese Shar Pei is a friendly and loyal dog.

  • Group logo of Whippet

    Whippet’s are very fast. They enjoy stretching their long legs.

  • Group logo of Schnauzers

    Great dogs who enjoy exploration and meeting new dogs.

  • Group logo of Miniature Schnauzers

    Fun and energetic dogs.

  • Group logo of Saint Bernard

    Large and gentle dogs. They love to run and play.

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