We all know peanut butter is an efficient way to get your dog to take his medicine and we like how it occupies them when we put it inside a toy, but as it turns out, it’s also really good for them!

For treat variety, pick up both peanut butter and almond butter too. These two nut butters are good for us as well as our dogs. Naturally occurring fats give us energy, promote cell growth, transport vitamins through the bloodstream and maintain proper nerve and brain function.

Even though peanut butter and almond butter come recommended, we should resist feeding whole nuts to our dogs because they do not chew them well enough and could create issues over the long term.

Combined with regular exercise, nut butters make an excellent alternative to milk bones and other packaged snacks when we want to treat them at the end of the day. With all treats, moderation is imperative. Choose products that are free of preservatives.