Doggie Tips
Use The Dog Park As A Reward

When first attending the dog park, it is often about letting your dog run loose to play and discover other dogs.  However, the dog park can also be about discipline. What better reward than a romp in the dog park at Treecourt.  So make them earn it.  Ask them to walk nice with you on their leash when in the […]

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Introducing your dog to the dog park

It is common to have anxiety over letting your dog run loose with other dogs. A proper introduction makes all the difference with how well your dog will do. Call Treecourt Unleashed to schedule your dog’s introduction and expand their understanding of the world around them.

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What to do if your dog shows aggression

Dogs display aggressive behaviors for numerous reasons.  Knowing your dog is a key element of recognizing true vicious behavior.  Truly vicious dogs are not welcome in the park and can be identified through a temperament test.  Vicious behavior is defined as biting.  Barking off, on the other hand, is a warning and if calmed will not escalate. If your dog […]

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Winter Gear

Some dogs aren’t prepared for freezing temps and will appreciate a coat while they play outside.

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Gift Cards & Books

Books make great gifts for family and friends. In todays digital world, books almost seem to be relics of the past, but their hands on nature makes them your own.

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Dog Training Aids
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Barking, growling and howling

Barking, growling and howling are vocalizations that can all be stopped with verbal commands.  All three vocalizations are not allowed inside the dog park. Of course, there will be times when your dog will bark, growl and maybe even howl while visiting the dog park. These behaviors are natural after all. However, while in the park, even when no danger […]

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Durable Toys

Exercise and mental stimulation go paw in hand!

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Dogs enjoy running

Dogs running together may seem to be silly fun and games, but is really a vital element of a healthy life-style.  Dogs of course burn energy any way they can; run circles in the family room or backyard, chew on bones and other items, or if they have a playmate, will wrestle.  These behaviors are normal, but lack exploration. The interaction […]

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Meet and Greet 101

Dogs have many ways by which they communicate.  Treecourt Unleashed allows only dogs that are not considered red-lined.  Red-line dogs are dogs who usually have an unknown history or are overly assertive. Those dogs reveal themselves when first introduced to the park via our “greeting dogs”.  Dogs who display overly aggressive behavior are simply not welcome in the park. With […]

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